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At J.M. Field Marketing, we’re proud to say that we don’t just focus on one service. Instead, we’re a one stop shop that provides our clients with multiple fulfillment services and features. We don’t stop at order delivery, we also are capable of manufacturing, storing and maintaining your merchandise. Our staff even reaches out to your customers to make sure that the fulfillment order process is successful and that there are no issues with transactions.

Southern Fulfillment Services with Flair

From online order processing, warehousing and distribution to kitting services, pick and pack fulfillment and inventory management software, we are your number one choice for fulfillment in Miami. When you partner with us, you know that all of your business goals are going to be met. The difference with us is that we work directly with you, so that you’re involved and never in the dark about your fulfillment. Collaborate with us to reduce shipping costs, receive real-time reporting, secure your products and minimize order errors.

Delivering Results with Southern Fulfillment Services

We emphasize timely completion and delivery of your products. This means that we can pack and ship orders from your inventory inside our fulfillment warehouse center within 24 hours or less! Being on top of your order fulfillment is essential to business, that’s why we create daily inventory reports and alert you when there’s any changes or issues. There are always last minute modifications and demanding scenarios in business. We know how to take care of these matters with our skilled staff. Our main priority is the client, working with you instead of not involving you in the process.

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