Pick and Pack Perfection: Processing Your Orders Is Easy

At J.M. Field Marketing, we always put our clients first and understand the importance of timely packaging and delivery. If you ordered an item online, wouldn’t you expect it to be delivered to you on time? Instead of waiting days to process your order, our pick and pack team works quickly and diligently the moment an order comes in. We don’t waste any time picking, packing and shipping your orders. We operate this way so that customers never have to worry about the status of their order. When you outsource your fulfillment to us, our pick and pack team will always have your back!

Pick and Pack Accuracy with Order Tracking Software

There’s no doubt that our pick and pack team is spectacular, but there’s another element to our expertise that makes our fulfillment services the cream of the crop. Our order fulfillment software, All In View, has the capability to both manage your inventory and track customer orders. Forget about trying to manually manage your product inventory. Our system is all electronic, making it easy for you to keep track of stock, as well as orders. Our real-time push and pull makes it possible for us to get notified of orders. Information, including order status and tracking data, is then automatically pushed to your shopping cart. Finally, the customer gets notified of the changes.

Our Fulfillment Warehouse Tops The Rest

Not only do we offer speedy pick and pack services, we also provide climate controlled warehouse storage space. So if you have temperature sensitive products that can perish in the wrong environment, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll remain in prime condition in our facility. Our fulfillment warehouses are spread out throughout the United States and Canada, leaving you plenty of options for sufficient inventory storage and maintenance. Interested in learning more about our services? Give us a call at 844-523-1957 to speak with a professional and get started!

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